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Top Four Reasons Why Lawyers Should Have Blogs

In today’s day and age, everyone has a blog. While your sister blogs about traveling, your next-door neighbor is sharing her newest recipes on her food blog. And people are reading! Having a static website is one thing, but creating new blog content weekly, or even daily, is entirely different. Blogging reaches people – it draws them in and keeps them coming back for more.

For lawyers, it is no different.

So What Are the Benefits of Having a Blog?

Adding a blog to your website will have many positive benefits for your law firm. By adding current content to your blog, you are creating a “human” voice for your firm. This voice will engage readers by reaching them on deeper level than if that blog did not exist. Attorneys are in the service industry, making them highly visible to the public and are only as profitable as they are beneficial. Legal blogs position attorneys as industry leaders, as their blog articles demonstrate their knowledge in their specialized area. Many studies have shown that individuals feel more positive about a company that has a website featuring creative, custom content.

The Top Four Reasons for Lawyers to Have a Blog

  1. Demonstrating Knowledge

Legal blogs allow attorneys to show off their expertise. Because of this, potential clients are more likely to believe in a lawyer’s knowledge and capabilities. Creating legal content will allow lawyers to show their awareness of the needs of potential clients, as well as their ongoing commitment to exceptional service.

  1. Increase Traffic to Website

Blogs should be filled with specific subject-matter. In this case, a legal blog would be filled with legal content. By using industry specific keywords, you increase your website’s rankings in internet searches. This process is called search engine optimization, or SEO. By making your website more likely to show up in search results, you have a better chance of landing clients.

Example: Say one of your blog posts is about personal injury claims. In this post, you would want to include plenty of legal terms related to personal injury, especially words that most people would type into a search engine. These words might include: slip and fall, car accident, insurance, damages, and compensation. If these words are included in the blog post, the chances of your blog post (website) showing up in search engine results are much higher.

  1. Communicating Service Value

Blogging is your chance to sell yourself – but not in the traditional sense. A blog is a subtle advertisement of your services as a legal professional, and what you can do for potential clients. By writing about the legal issues that many people experience, you will be demonstrating your utility as an attorney.

  1. Giving Readers A Reason to Come Back

By posting regular content on your blog, you are giving readers a reason to come back again and again. Just like a daily newspaper, your blog will offer engaging content that your readers will come to depend on. Say after a few months of reading your blog daily, one of your readers finds herself in a legal bind. She will come to you. Why? Because you established yourself as a knowledgeable attorney who is up-to-date with current events and because you have demonstrated your legal expertise.

Blogs are essential in today’s market. People use the internet more than ever and depend on it for finding the solutions to their needs.