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“Greg will work above and beyond the norm to get the work done

Greg has been my mentor through my first exposure to digital marketing at Filevine. Before I began, Greg had been a nearly one-man-show, managing everything in online marketing, from content strategy and writing to email marketing and video creation. Process that he implemented for lead generation laid the groundwork for some of the great success that we’ve been fortunate to have at Filevine.

Beyond the realm of marketing, Greg has the technical mind for operations that really helped me to see the life of buyer in all stages of sales funnel. He was the one to set up our marketing automation rules in Pardot, the data management structure in Salesforce, the targeting campaigns in Google Adwords and running the analytics between each of these areas.

When we first began to offer data migrations for new customers, Greg stepped up to figure out that process and over time built and trained a migration department that excelled in problem solving and customer experience.

I can be confident in saying that from sales to marketing to customer service and data migration, Greg will work above and beyond the norm to get the work done– when I get a slack message at 4am saying that he is still working on a migration for a major client, it inspires me to work harder.

All-in-all, Greg is a great guy with an incredible stack of skills and I’d recommend him to anyone trying to grow their business.

Chandler Willman, Sales and Marketing Operations at Filevine

“You would do well to use them for these services!

We hired Greg and TruCounsel to optimize our website, and to improve our online presence. Throughout the process we saw steady improvement in both categories. Greg and TruCounsel were great to work with, and were very responsive. You would do well to use them for these services!

Dean Swanson, Law Offices of James Sorrels

“He was not only our leader, but he was our guide to success.

I have had the pleasure of working with Greg Hamblin during our time at Filevine, LLC. In fact, Greg was the one who interviewed, hired, and trained me in numerous areas regarding client on-boarding and data migration. He was one of those key figures that wore many hats. Needless to say, he was the go-to for almost anything within the company. The way a conductor guides an orchestra, can be said about how Greg Hamblin guided his team and the supporting departments around him.

Working with Greg was a very humbling experience. I had never felt that I knew more than him, but he made me feel that I was crucial to the company’s success. He enjoyed teaching and training on new processes, new concepts, and strategy. He would take the approach of “we have to do whatever it takes” to get the job done. A great example of this is being available for client emails or executive management emergencies at 3am. If it had to be done, and Greg was in a position to make sure it was a success, he was there.

I was a direct report to Greg Hamblin. You’ll notice that I did not mention this right away; for good reason –he never made it feel like it was a boss/employee relationship. He enjoyed working as a team and made sure we understood that he was “in the trenches” with us. He wouldn’t ask anyone to do something that he, himself, wouldn’t do. He was not only our leader, but he was our guide to success.

Jonathan Schumann, Director of Migrations at

“the true definition of a “trusted advisor” and in this field, that’s hard to come by.

When I first reached out to TruCounsel, I felt like I was taking a shot in the dark. There are so many companies out there that make broken promises about getting you “on the first page of Google”. We have now been working together for over 6 months and are very satisfied. Greg and Jared have proven to be hands-on, extremely responsive, and most importantly, honest! They are the true definition of a “trusted advisor” and in this field, that’s hard to come by. In fact, they are my go-to partner whenever I have any web marketing-related question. I highly recommend their services.

Kris K. Golshan, VP of Marketing at Ingerman & Horwitz, LLP


“We can only attribute the number of calls to this fine work.”

“Greg reworked our small PI firm in Edmonds, WA website about 4 years ago, and 4 years later, we are still getting the benefit.  We can only attribute the number of calls to this fine work as we have not spent any additional money on the website and the calls continue.  (I’m posting this on behalf of the LAW OFFICES OF JAMES S SORRELS in Edmonds, WA.)”

Bridget D, Manager at Sorrels Law

“Thanks for the great work Greg!”

Very pleased and happy with the service and attention that I am getting from Greg … Tried two other local companies here in Las Vegas and they both never came back to me with a quote. Wow. Within 3 weeks of starting, my company was able to move up 14 spots… I was willing to put in 6 months worth of resources for this, but I am confident that my goals will come much sooner. Thanks for the great work Greg!

Henry Yee, Owner at One Day Tours

“Transparent and Effective.”

Greg has been great to work with.  He took the time to answer my (long) list of questions and he makes sure you understand what is going on with your campaign.  I’d recommend Greg to anyone who is looking for transparency and effective online marketing.

Joe Pluta, Attorney at Law