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Filevine Website and Marketing

Filevine is a fast-growing tech start-up in the legal software world looking to compete with monsters like Clio and Needles. I was their very first hire when it was time to market the software and helped take them from one paid user to thousands of paid accounts.

My most comprehensive project, lasting over 2 years, Filevine was the plucky start-up in the busy legal software arena. I was brought on to manage all marketing from head to toe, and we made a powerhouse.

Nobody can do what you do. -Ryan Anderson, Filevine CEO

From website to white papers, Facebook ads to fully integrated buyer journeys, my role was expansive. I oversaw the creation of countless ads, landing pages, sales pitches, events, CEO speeches, video production, and even the more technical aspects of the startup such as data migration and the implementation of a knowledgebase. My creations are still being used to bring new users to Filevine today, years later.

Skills Required

Team Management
Programming & Technical