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Operations Management

Greg has the technical mind for operations that really helped me to see the life of buyer in all stages of sales funnel.

Chandler Willman

Marketing and Sales Operations at Filevine

Operations at Filevine

At Filevine, I was responsible for comprehensive marketing strategy including branding, website, social media, advertising, content marketing, KPI creation and tracking, team management, event marketing, analytics and more. As a part of those duties, I built and maintained systems to automate marketing efforts, trained and monitored a marketing team of writers, designers, programmers, and sales operations managers.

Early in the growth of Filevine, I developed customer onboarding protocols and systems. This included how to interface with clients, customize their environment in the product, and migrate their data from their existing system. I created templates for use in client customizations, sales processes, and client training.

As part of migrating client data, I developed database extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) protocols and expectations. I researched and procured multiple software services to enhance ETL methodologies including Microsoft SQL, Excel, Amazon S3, Sybase, SSMS, Access, etc. I built and trained a team of migration specialists which integrated with customer service, sales, and development. I also developed protocols for comprehensive client care during the client onboarding process in concert with department heads.

I developed and managed customer retention methods and service protocols.  In an effort to empower our client acquisition team, I developed sales protocols and tools including administering our Salesforce environment, creating a lead attribution system, KPI measurement, sales scripts, and email templates.

I created training articles and videos for sales team, customer service team, onboarding team, sales support team, migration team, and for customers.  I also created strategic reports for C-level officers on potential markets, development calendar, and long-term growth strategy, including SWOT analysis, market analysis, and suggestions for development priorities.

Operations at TruCounsel / Black Mountain Marketing

TruCounsel Marketing was an online marketing agency I developed with several attorneys who were sick of paying inflated rates for simple SEO. I was responsible for all aspects of business operations and shared in responsibilities for growth.

I managed operations, marketing, sales, customer care, and technology. I developed marketing and sales methodologies which grew our customer base to $250,000 annual recurring revenue. I developed our reporting methodologies for clients and grew the company through developing a strong referral network, event marking, direct promotion, and online marketing.

In daily operations, I developed systems for client SEO, SEM, social media and content marketing. These systems were maintained by a team of specialists and integrated with client acquisition and retention efforts.

I developed a sales system that would allow for ongoing growth of the sales team in a model based on how insurance companies operate – with a number of “agents” each responsible for his or her own book of business.

I maintained contacts with vendors and evaluated and purchased software needed for operation of the business. I also managed budgeting, hiring, and training.

Operations at Hamblin Insurance

Hamblin insurance was a brokerage I created in Utah. I worked with companies such as Northwestern Mutual, American National Insurance, and dozens of independent insurance providers. I was responsible for all aspects of operations and sales.

I developed a regular sales system based on Al Granum’s one-card system which would build steady growth in life, health, P&C, and investments. I hired and trained support staff and established systems for customer support after the sale.

In addition to sales and in-office needs I oversaw business operation needs such as equipment, office space, and budgeting. I maintained referral alliances with supplementary vendors and competitors.