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Marketing Management

The true definition of a “trusted advisor” and in this field, that’s hard to come by… my go-to partner whenever I have any web marketing-related question. I highly recommend [Greg’s] services.

Kris K. Golshan

Marketing at Ingerman & Horwitz, LLP

Marketing Management

Marketing is all about planning, implementing, measuring, and refining. Good marketing leads to positive results, even for underdeveloped products. More than that, marketing can help retain good customers and create an “evangelist” system where current clients bring on more clients for you.

In many ways marketing is setting out as many buckets as possible to catch as many “trickles” of clients as you can. Some of these buckets will barely produce at all, and some will be superstars. It’s important to know which category is bringing you the most profit, and if you have fully utilized the channel.

I can help you from developing a comprehensive, multi-channel, marketing plan to simple tweaking of a single adwords campaign or checking your site for SEO standards. I have consulted with marketing and advertising agencies, multi-state law firms, small non-profits, and global tech startups. I can help you.

Systems and Reporting

Marketing Campaigns

A comprehensive marketing campaign takes into account buyer personas, marketing channels, reporting, automation, budgeting, and finding the appropriate roles for team members. A good campaign gives vision to the whole team from top to bottom.

Best Practices, Best Designs


Websites are more than just good design. User experience can cut your sign-ups in half if done poorly. A/B testing, responsive design, good content, attribution, integrated sales funnels, and, of course, good programming are essential.

Content, Email, Tracking…

Marketing Automation

With years of experience automating marketing in systems like Infusionsoft and Pardot, I can help your sales and marketing team work hand in hand with technology providing the bridge. Users are invited into the funnel in a variety of ways and the system nurtures them to the point of purchase, no matter how long it takes.

I Have the Best Words

Content Marketing

With years of experience creating and promoting purposeful content, I can help you come up with a strategy for engaging with your prospective clients through good digital assets that they will love to engage with, download, and share.

It’s All About Love

Team Leadership

Simply adding more people when work increases is a strategy for waste. Cross-functional team leadership is essential to make sure that our goals are reached effectively.

So Many Acronyms

Reporting and Analysis

Establishing KPIs is only the first step. Real value in data comes from seeing beyond the numbers, the percentages, and the ratios, and connecting the clients to the stakeholders.

Links, Content, Citations…


My experience with SEO began back in 1997 when all you had to do was keyword stuff. Nowadays it’s immeasurably more sophisticated. My clients experience the best in white-hat methodologies leading to the best of results.

Social, Search, Reviews…


Intelligent, targeted advertising can be the way to not only increase sales, but increase demand. Help people know what they didn’t know they wanted with appropriate advertising on a variety of sites.

Community and Conversation

Social Media Marketing

People use social media to find answers, choose professionals, explore options, and review purchases. If you haven’t claimed your voice, somebody else will claim it. I can help you figure out the way forward in your social endeavors.