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Custom Reports for More Efficient Advertising


Here is a blog post I wrote for the Filevine blog.


You probably heard the news about Filevine’s incredibly robust reporting system. To summarize, anything you can input can be tracked, analyzed, and reported on.  Want to know the historic settlement amounts with a specific claims adjuster? You got it.  Want to know what zip codes are producing the largest number of bankruptcy clients? It’s done.

Here’s just one simple way you can put that information to use:

Online Advertising

Online advertising lets you target your ads in a geographic region. Want to run ads across the entire United States? Every click is going to be expensive.  Narrow it down to a state and it’s much cheaper. Go for a single city and it’s downright affordable.

But you can even target your ads by zip code. If there were a way to know which zip code was most valuable to you, you could save a ton of money.

Filevine Reports

Imagine that a Filevine report showed that fully 60% of your business was coming from one zip code. Wouldn’t you want to target that zip code more aggressively? Wouldn’t you want to make sure that your ads there were appearing in the best possible positions? Wouldn’t it be nice to save money by reducing your budget on the less productive zip codes, and increasing it on the more productive areas?

With Filevine, you can get the data you need to refine your online advertising based on real-world results. Focus your advertising on the geographic regions where your business comes from, and reduce the expense of advertising elsewhere.

That’s just one possible use for Filevine’s comprehensive reporting feature. In this industry, knowledge is competitive power. Many Filevine users are creating Filevine projects for lead management and CRM uses. By tracking contacts and leads from early stages to closed cases all inside Filevine, law firms are discovering where their money is best spent and supercharging their marketing.